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Join our Art 4 Fun family,While the world is busy painting... we are busy creating a fine business opportunity for you.

People often ask us...what business are you in? We say, "WE SELL FUN!" According to the March 1997 edition Forbes Magazine, the Arts and Crafts industry in North America has become an estimated $14 billion US (retail) business, having almost doubled in the past five years. 

Art 4 Fun - The Creative Café, is poised to capitalize on this budding opportunity throughout Europe. It is the first contemporary studio in Europe that allows its customers to paint on wood, glass, fabric, paper, or silk as well as a wide variety of ceramic pieces whilst enjoying their coffee, tea and sumptuous desserts.


Franchisee's Role


Every franchisee develops and grows the business within the local community. As a stand-alone operation, responsibilities include upholding and maintaining our high quality standards, utilising the system which Art 4 Fun has established in the areas of purchasing, management of staff, accounting, marketing, public relations and day-to-day operational functions.


Franchisor Support


Wouldn't it be nice to sleep well at nights knowing that you have a "big brother" taking care of your needs? We deliver your shop to your doorstep; supplies, inventory, store lay out, shelving, equipment, operations manual, information systems, management and sales training, are all included, ready for you to start!

It is Art 4 Fun's business strategy to be the leader in the newly evolving recreational and entertainment boom. To make this a reality, each new franchisee receives full Management Development Training: Recruitment, Staffing, Marketing, Public Relations, Accounting, Financial Management, Customer Service, Program Development, Purchasing and Retail.




As a franchisee, your energy, Post code and resources should be focused on growing your local business. As a franchisor, we ease you of the worries, and mistakes that could be so critical to the success of your business. With a very focused business and strategic plan, backed up with ongoing product research and development, we are dedicated to your success.



Direct experience in arts and crafts industry not necessary. Strong business acumen, creative, organizational and interpersonal skills are essential.

  At least 90 days before opening your doors.

You select your location; we will provide exclusivity in your territory.










From £80,000, excluding rent deposit and working capital.

Property Analysis, Comprehensive Training, Opening Assistance, detailed manuals, Sales and Marketing Support, systems and internal control reports, Ongoing Support, technical help desk, Research and Development of new products, techniques and services to build studio sales, instruction manuals, and unlimited training.

What is included

Management Services Fee - 6% of turnover plus VAT

Other Costs

5 years with renewable option for 5 years.

Term of Franchise agreement

Extensive supply, exclusive negotiated supplier relationships, thus lower costs, rigorous ongoing product testing and technical support, ensuring highest customer satisfaction, over 25 years of proven, successful management expertise to support you, piggy-back on Art 4 Fun's success, advanced management information systems, cost effective, extensive training, pooled resources, and combined talents. Our aim is to help you grow your business.

Why Art 4 Fun

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